Demon Possession

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 One day in the Hospital Del Sureste in Villahermosa, an emergency came which baffled all the doctors. An open abscessed appendicitis was brought. The odor was so horrible from the rotting intestines that flies followed like a swarming cloud. The man was so sick, death was on his face. The doctor Mijea pleaded with us for help. What do American doctors do in such cases, he frantically cried out to us. We had never seen anything go so far before medical help was given. As we prayed, I was impressed to urge that the doctor find a big huge bag of charcoal. In a very short time a big gunny sack full of charcoal arrived and was placed in  the corner of the room. Immediately the charcoal began absorbing the horrible stench in the room.
 Cloths were soaked in charcoal water and then laid onto the open wound. On top of these wet cloths more charcoal was sprinkled than this dressing was covered over to keep flies off. Days and days of dressing changes every 2-3 hours around the clock and we began to see a difference. The wound began to heal and the abscess subsided. One day the doctors decided to take him into surgery and try to tie his intestines back together. They left the wound open for drainage. More packs of charcoal were applied.
Over three months of care was given to this man and daily he improved. He was interested in the kind treatment he had received and the prayers. He decided to go next door to the church services. Finally the day came when he could stand up and he went to church. He was so happy. His faithful wife had stayed right by him helping every day. Then one day her eyes rolled back and she looked like she was having a seizure. Many held her to keep her from injury. I thought she was having to much work to handle. But she had been dedicated to Satan worship as a child. When Satan saw them attending church, he became so upset.
Another time she was having another episode like this. But this time, the nurses heard guttural ugly voices coming from her. When they neared her room, these voices announced who was coming, and what their sins were. We were gone on a trip out into the country and had been in Guatemala, Belize and El Salvador. We had just returned the night this was really getting bad. We did not hear any of it. The Bible worker said they had taken her to the church and would I please come pray with them to cast out the devil. I was afraid. I had never done anything like that before. I told her I needed time to put on my armor. I fell to my knees and prayed for myself and the patient. I asked God how to get ready to cast out demons. Finally a peace came over me and I went to the church. The demon had just left. The battered prayer warriors had had their glasses beat up and many other tough things. The battle was over. I promised to stay with the lady as a bed was made for her in the church. I sang to her and played Spanish Bible cassettes to her. She could not read. I urged her to pack her mind with Bible promises and songs to ward off any return of Satan.
I had seen the sweet Bible worker, my hero, headed into battle, turning pages of her Bible as she walked. Her Bible just fell open to texts she had marked. She had been in battles like this before and knew just what to do. While running to the front lines, she was making sure her armor was on nice and snug. I wanted to be ready like she was. I asked Jesus to help me wield HIS SWORD the WORD more skillfully. I wanted to be a soldier He could call with only a second's notice. I still want that.

Just speaking the WORD of God, the devils fear and tremble. They have to clear out when you ask in the name of Jesus for them to leave. Jesus has already won the battle over them. When He tells them they are in His territory, they have to leave. She had wanted to be HIS daughter and Jesus sent the devil out. All Jesus has to do is show up. His WORD is so powerful that the whole world was made when He commanded. He tells us to ask anything in His name and He will do it.

I have had other opportunities to do battle  like in India this year, and God has brought the Scriptures to my mind. The battle is not mine, it is HIS. I am His visible warrior. I am just being used as a tool in HIS hand. I know that now but on my FIRST MISSION trip I was learning these things.